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Guru Purnima Celebration at Ashiana Public School

4-August-2018 Event

Guru Purnima is an occasion to thank the ones who lead the way. It is the day to respect the gurus and show gratitude for they are the ones who nurture students, preparing  them to take on the  task of steering our country in the future . The nation therefore is obligated to all gurus for shouldering this tremendous responsibility.

So, as every year, in keeping with the tradition of revering gurus for their invaluable contribution in shaping the minds and characters of the young people in their charge, Ashiana Public School School celebrated Guru Purnima. The function commenced with a warm welcome of the teachers by the students who greeted teachers by touching their feet and applying tikka thus seeking their blessings. Also, the students of the senior wing conveyed their gratitude for giving them the precious gift of education..Students also presented various dance and music performances depicting the role of gurus in fostering excellence and steering their pupils towards fulfilling their individual potentials.The children also recited meaningful  shlokas to honor and respect the teachers.

The day was thus truly significant for  Ashiana staff with each member being made to feel special for their role in ensuring their pupils all-round development and well-being.

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