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25-April-2019 Event

School plays an important role in the personality development of students. This is the need of the hour as it is essential for the holistic development of children and their survival in this competitive world.

On 25th  April, 2019, students of our School  attended a  workshop conducted by renowned and motivational  speakers Mr. Ankur Malhotra and Mrs. Ritu Singal. Mrs. Singal  is an active member of several social clubs. In today's interactive session , Mrs. Singal  gave insight to the students to remain focussed and goal oriented. She also emphasized on the point that as a student, the children face a lot of distractions but motivation, hard work  and determination towards their goal will be the only way to reach success. She started the workshop with a very creative introductory session, where the students came up with the challenges faced by them. This was followed by a discussion on The Self, one's desires, dreams, passions and motivations. Students were told how important their dreams and desires are for developing the personality. It was stressed that they need to have a passion in life. Students were also given tips on how to increase their self-esteem. They were also encouraged to be optimistic and to have a positive approach about everything in life.Not only this, the students also carried the message that we should never give up and should always have a strong will despite all the odds they have to face. We must persist to pursue dreams regardless of what may happen and not succumb to the negativity around us. The students were shown other motivational clips as well.

Most importantly, it was emphasised that they should love themselves and never lose confidence.

The workshop ended with an interactive session . It was an enjoyable ice-breaking exercise and it was observed that students were quite engrossed in the exercise.

To sum up, it was a well thought-out workshop of motivating the students to discover themselves.