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Rainwater Harvesting

2-September-2019 Event

It has been our constant Endeavour at Ashiana, to sensitize the students regarding the need to conserve our natural resources. With this aim, school has adopted a unique and purposeful Water Conservation Programme as the theme for this academic year 2019-20. The school management brought forth infrastructural changes to save water and focused its efforts on rainwater harvesting.
By implementing a rainwater harvesting system, the school is successfully able to manage to save upto 4000 litres of rain water. The same water is put to various uses such as cleaning of rooms, use of water in restrooms, watering the plants and the lawn area etc. With this, Ashiana Public school is well on its way to conserving water and ensuring responsible usage of our world's most precious resource. In addition to this, the school keeps organising various competitions such as Poster Making, Slogan Writing, Declamation, Public Speaking etc. on the theme of conservation of our natural resources. This is a great way to encourage children to take water conservation seriously.
This initiative taken by the school, was personally looked into by the Director, Mrs. Lalita Prakash and the Principal Mrs Monika Sharma who sensitized the students regarding the urgent need of water saving and shared various ways and techniques to save water and other natural resources.
Ashiana Public School with this aim, strives to contribute to environmentally conscious students who in every aspect are well aware and responsible.