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The Maths in my Zindagi

While you might think of it just as a subject with loads of formulas and theorems, in reality, mathematics is larger thanlife. It’s the universal language which is applied to almost all the aspects in life. Ride along to see how…

Shopping involves a broad range of mathematical knowledge from multiplication to estimation to percentage to evenalgebra! Every time we find a sale at a store, we automatically begin to calculate the amount we will save with eachpurchase. While we buy vegetables from the local vendors, we are quick enough to know that if something costs rupees fifty per kg, how much it will cost us to buy a quarter of that utility.

Let’s talk about fractions. We exactly know how to divide a pizza among our friends or orange segments between siblings to avoid petty fights. Think of any recipe and you cannot do without mathematics. From buying the ingredients to using them to make a delicious dish, in the kitchen, our species has to work with ratios and proportions. For every sweet cake you eat, comes the delicate precision required to put only 2 eggs for a cup of flour.

Even in the corporate life you will end up facing multiple notions of the subject being used. Be it the origins of the computer applications residing in intricate algorithms or the statistics required to manage anything from finances to production, it will always boil down to have some connection from mathematics. The symmetry of buildings to the laws of motion that facilitate transportation, as complex as they sound, they are not just about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms, but the logic and understanding that make their existence possible.

The examples are endless. At every step of life, we have been using mathematics without even realizing and that’s the beauty of it. Humans are curious creatures who find out patterns and reason in everything. So till the date life exists on the planet, you can never see a day without mathematics. Sure it might not exist in its basic academic form, but always in our practices.

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