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Transport Facility

The school has hired a fleet of buses that ply throughout the Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and the adjoining areas of Zirakpur), to carry students to and from the school under a lady attendant. Parents are requested to ascertain the bus schedule before admission as the routes and stops are limited. The safety and security of our students is extremely important to us. For this, we have a set of standard procedures that are followed strictly.
•    Live tracking through GPS system
•    Camera Surveillance
•    Deployment of lady attendants to ensure safety and cater to in-bus needs/help (if any)
•    Male attendant for additional support, security and proper functioning
•    Regular training of attendants on student safety and transport management system
•    Daily reporting of the attendants on bus decorum to the transport head(s).

Rules and Regulations:

1. The transport fee must be deposited on monthly basis to the respective contractor. You may collect the receipt in lieu. We do not issue a separate fee booklet for transport.
2. One month’s prior notice must be submitted to discontinue the bus service.
3. Students availing the bus facility will not be allowed to discontinue it in the last quarter.
4. The students should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled time in the morning.
5. Students will not be allowed to come late or leave early with parents/ guardians, unless both the school authorities and the bus contractor have been informed by xxxx.In case, you want to pick your ward early, kindly ensure you pick up the child before 11:30am in case of Pre- Nursery – U.KG, and before 1:00pm in case of classes I - X. No child will be allowed to leave after the specified/mentioned time for early pick up students.

Private Transport:

Keeping in mind, the security and safety of its students, the school discourages parents from opting for private transport. In case, the parents still wish to opt for the same, we request you to be careful about the following:
1. Be cautious in selecting the transport contractor, driver and conductor of the van/bus. You must verify the background and credentials of the transporter, driver and especially the conductor.
2. Inform the school authority about the transporter and the transport.
3. Instruct the conductor to be very strict and alert about your child’s presence in the vehicle.
4.If you happen to take your child, from the school after half day on your own, or bring the child late to school on your own, your bus conductor must be informed about this in advance.