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Ashiana Public School Best CBSE School in Chandigarh

Ashiana Public School is not only a school for children but it is a second home for our
students. We focus on personal involvement to understand what is unique quality of each
child and to help him to realise their fullest potential. We emphasise on improving 
academic excellence, critical thinking and communication skills of students.

The most important motive of Ashiana Public School is to make sure the brightest of the
 kid's coming day after day.We take special care of our children at school so that they
will feel at home in school.We prepare our youngsters in such a way that they will get
success in future.At Ashiana Public School we also make your children aware of upcoming
activities. Ashiana School CBSE complies with New Delhi's redirected guidelines.Along
with with a vital emphasis on academics our school curriculum includes music, dancing,
playing games, dramatics and computers .We emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary
development, mindfulness, social, moral and physical development of students.Our purpose
is to improve overall children  performance in every field . For achieving this goal we
motivate him through action-based teaching.

 Ashiana Public School provides children with a vibrant and stimulating environment, so
that each child contributes to his or her own education, further enriching their
thinking ability and developing their forward thinking.Young Kids need a clean, safe and
secure environmentally friendly place to study and play which Ashiana Public School
provides him. The kindergarten faculty at our school completes the challenging task of
teaching young children gentle tendencies.Our Activity-based learning process improves
kid's soft heart skills, their specific social skills, verbal remembering and speaking
skills, growing distinctive thinking.

By the second phase of schooling is primary school education , where the thought process
of the child increases, and the teaching-learning process needs to move to the next level.
We at Ashiana focus to make these years not only packed with learning but also as
enjoyable as the previous years.The students are influenced to participate in a wide
range of things to do marked out for their respective age groups. Evaluation consists of
written tests, such as surprise tests, things to do and initiatives that are conducted
consistently throughout the year. This makes the kid continuously alert about his overall
 performance. We also highlight their special experiences and passions, including painting
 tests, plays, activities and projects. Without showing any hesitation in showing their
mind and talent and talent in front of everyone, the desire to learn in their mind is
stronger. As the children of Ashiana School are learning and moving, we strive to
highlight our children's passions, and stimulate their minds. They are taught to fight
challenges in life.

The goal of Ashiana Public School is to bring every child of a school with a genuine,
well-thought-out new vision for themselves and the community so we can give them light
and guidance so that they can be a source of inspiration for themselves and for the rest
of the children. Take your child's admission to Ashiana Public School to raise your
children's brilliant vision and better thinking.

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