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Best School In Chandigarh

Ashiana Public School offers an array of interesting and fun-filled activities  that
 ignite the child's curiosity, and creates in them zeal to learn. The school strives to
 inspire children to give their best and instils in them desire to learn, so that,they
are all geared up to face the challenges ahead. Students indulge in different activities
  which  result in their holistic development. Various activities and competitions
 organized by the school  help the children to hone their inner potential thus providing
them a platform to showcase their inner talent and potential  . The school  encourages
its students to explore and learn ,hence paving way for innovation and creativity.

School's infrastructure contributes positively to the students' growth.Infrastructural
facilities like spacious sports ground,library, playground,assembly area, laboratory etc.
contribute a great deal in enabling students to perform better in every sphere of school
life.The school building is specially designed in a way that it links the indoor and
outdoor areas ensuring safety and security of the students.

School's curriculum is meticulously planned keeping child as the center of the education
system.To facilitate better learning, primary and secondary classrooms are equipped with
the latest audio-visual technology and smart classrooms.

The faculty is well qualified and well trained to meet the needs of dynamic system of
today's education.Teachers are subject experts who identify learning needs of the pupil
and plan their lessons accordingly, meeting the needs of different kinds of  learners in
the class viz auditory,visual and kinesthetic.They  give special attention to the
students who are academically weak  and adopt remedial teaching measures to bring forth
positive change in these students.

The school gives vital importance to curricular as well as co curricular activities for
all-round development of the students.Ashiana takes utmost care to ensure physical
fitness of its students.Sports play a vital role in ensuring a sound body and mind.
Ashiana trains its students in various sports such as Football,Basketball,Badminton,
Kho-Kho etc.For each of these sports the school has a specified court in addition to
multipurpose sports area.Not only this,the school runs special sports academies in the
 morning to facilitate sports training of the students.

Special attention is  given to the safety and security of the children. The school has
special arrangements for fire-fighting systems, generator for power outages, filtered
water,GPS transport system and cameras in and around the school premises to ensure our
students get a safe and healthy environment to grow .

School also conducts trainings,sessions and workshops  for children, teachers and  other
staff members time to time  so that  they are updated with the latest.

Ashiana Public  School's main aim is to bring forth polished personality of its students.
It is our constant endeavour to groom the students in a way that they are mentally alert,
physically strong and morally aware.The children are also taught to be sensitive to the
needs of the society as well as environment.Various activities center around themes
 related to environment such as celebration of Earth Day,'Say No to Plastic' rally,'Say
No to Crackers',Tree Plantation Drive etc.This not only sensitizes the children to be
environmentally conscious but reminds them of their moral duty towards the mother earth.

Celebration of festivals and special events is a vibrant aspect of the school.Special
festivals and events such as Diwali,Dusshera,Gurupurab ,Christmas etc are celebrated in
the school with great zeal and fervour.The main aim behind this is to inculcate the value
of unity in diversity in the children.Also,celebration of such festivals and events
ensures that the children are close to their roots.

Every essential aspect of the child's growth is taken care of by the school.

 Join Ashiana Public School for a Better and Bright Future for Your Child.

Best School in Chandigarh